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SPNHC Leaflets focus on particular aspects of collections care.

SPNHC is seeking submissions for the SPNHC Leaflets series. Share your expertise by submitting a single-topic, 3000 words or less manuscript to SPNHC Leaflets. SPNHC Leaflet Guidelines. Send submissions to the SPNHC Technical Leaflets Editor.

Leaflet Publications


SPNHC Leaflet #1: Anoxic Microenvironments: A Simple Guide

Spring 1996

SPNHC Leaflet #2: Adhesives and Consolidants in Geological and Paleontological Applications

Part 1:

Part 2:

Introduction, Guide, Health and Safety, Definitions

Wall Chart

Spring 1997

SPNHC Leaflet #3: Guide to the Identification of Common Clear Plastic Films

Fall 1998

SPNHC Leaflet #4: Comparison of Temperature and Relative Humidity Dataloggers for Museum Monitoring

Spring 2002

SPNHC Leaflet #5: Distinguishing between Ethanol and Isopropanol in Natural History Collection Fluid Storage

Spring 2013

SPNHC Leaflet #6: The Restoration Of A Human Skeleton - As A Scientific Specimen

Summer 2014

SPNHC Leaflet #7: An Alternative to Gelatine Capsules in Natural History Collections

Summer 2016