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How-To Series

Number 1.

Introduction to insect storage techniques for small collections

Number 2.

How to prepare seaweed specimens


Number 3.

How to pack a herbarium specimen for loan

The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections is producing a "How To" series to help people who care for collections, from large institutions to small nature centers. Our current series is focused on proper packaging for loans. Each installment in the series will focus on different disciplines, the best practicees in packaging, and be helpful for those who need guidance in the return process, perhaps even years after the original loan.
The overall goal is to give people who find themselves in a position to care for natural and cultural history objects good information and help them better manage these assets. The leaflets can be two pages (front and back), may be written in a popular style, but should cover basic issues of proper handling, mounting, labeling, and prevention against agents of deterioration.
The series may be downloaded for use by anyone who needs help in collections care with the understanding that these are guidelines only and do not attempt to represent the only solution, merely one that others have tested for manyyears and found to be effective.

Please contact the Professional Development Chair for more information or to submit material.