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In support of the international collections community, SPNHC hosts NHCOLL-L, a discussion list dedicated to sharing knowledge in natural history collections care. Many of the Society's business announcements are also posted there. Subscribers can both contribute to and benefit from a lively, active, and interdisciplinary global community of professionals dedicated to the advancement of natural history collections. Your subscription can arrive as a daily digest or as individual posts.

To subscribe to NHCOLL-L please visit

Questions or comments not answered by the material above  can be sent to the NHCOLL-L listowner, Jessica Utrup.


Pestlist serves as a discussion and information site for all pest related issue in any type of collection.

For more information, and to subscribe: Click Here.
Further information please contact IPM-WG Co-chair Rachael Arenstein at Chair@museumpests.net

Web pages

Museum Disaster Management
Museum Pests
The Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio)