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Promotional Materials

SPNHC has developed a number of promotional resources that are available for use at conferences or other professional meetings.

SPNHC Conference Booth

SPNHC has a conference booth promoting the Society, its mission, and goals. It consists of three panels, a throw cloth, and a set of SPNHC’s publications; membership and other promotional materials are included. It fits into a single shipping container and is easy to assemble.

The SPNHC Conference Booth is available for professional meetings in the fields of museums and natural history. Interested meeting organizers should contact the Chair of the Membership Committee regarding its availability.

Resources Displays

SPNHC maintains two displays of supplies and materials1 used by museums for the storage and preservation of natural history collections. There are two displays, one travels within the United States, and the other in Canada.

Examples of items included in the displays are: Materials used in the construction of storage containers and specimen supports; Equipment for monitoring storage environments (e.g., humidity, temperature, air quality, insects); and A selection of containers for the storage of collections and documentation.

Some of the products are discipline-specific (e.g., pH-neutral glassine for interleaving between herbarium sheets) but most can be used in multidisciplinary collections (e.g., EthafoamTM for lining shelves and drawers; TyvekTM tape for box and tray construction). They are packed in one or two shipping containers and come with easy instructions for setting up on a table in your display area and a handout listing all sources for the products shown. This information is also available from the Canadian and U.S. Resources Displays pages.

Borrowers must sign a Loan Agreement, agreeing to certain loan conditions, and are responsible for all costs associated with shipping the Display to and from the display storage site (Toronto or Albuquerque). Although there is no rental fee, the Society invites borrowers to make a voluntary contribution to cover the costs of routine maintenance.

[1] The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections is proud to offer the Resources Display for loan to interested groups at museum-related meetings, conferences, and workshops. The Display includes examples of supplies and materials that are used in many museums for the storage and preservation of natural history collections, as well as an accompanying handout that provides the names and addresses of suppliers and manufacturers of these products. Please note that the Society does not endorse any of the specific products or vendors included with the Display.

To borrow a Resources Display, please contact the Conservation Committee.