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Committees and Representatives

Committees and Representatives



Linda S. Ford, President
Barbara Thiers, President-Elect
Andrew Bentley, Past President

Ruth O'Leary, Treasurer
Cindy Opitz, Secretary
Mariel Campbell, Managing Editor


Bethany Palumbo (2015-2018)
Rusty Russell (2015-2018) 
Miranda Lowe (2016-2019)
Melinda Peters (2016-2019)
Deborah Paul (2017-2020)
Amanda Lawrence (2017-2020)

Standing Committees


Carol Kelloff, Chair
Lisa F. Palmer

Best Practices:

Jessica Cundiff, Co-chair
Breda Zimkus, Co-chair
Lori Benson lori
Andrew Bentley
Emily Braker
Erin Cashion
Michelle Coyne
Carrie Eaton
Nicole Fisher
Magdalena Grenda-Kurma
Cathy Hawks
Gabriela Hogue
Miranda Lowe
Meredith Mahoney
Armando Mendez
Amanda Millhouse
William Moser
Dirk Neumann
Matthew Pace
Melinda Peters
Marcia Revelez
Rusty Russell
Thomas Schossleitner
Randy Singer
Hayley Singleton
Genevieve Tocci
Greg Watkins-Colwell
Amy Weiss
Andrew Williston
Dan Young

Citations Subcommittee:
Margaret Landis
, Chair
Mariko Kageyama
Ann Pinzl
Janet Waddington


Andrew Bentley, Chair (Past President)
Laura Abraczinskas
Christopher Norris
Cindy Opitz 


Barbara Thiers, Chair (President-Elect)
Paul Mayer, Sponsor Liaison (North America)
Clare Valentine, Sponsor Liaison (Europe)
Elise LeCompte, Chair SPNHC Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program Subcommittee

Angela Morrow, Chicago, 2019
Robert Morris
, Dunedin, 2018
Melissa Islam, Denver, 2017
Christiane Quaisser
, Berlin, 2016



Fran Ritchie, Co-chair
Rebecca Newberry, Co-chair
Gretchen Anderson, Resources (RDU) USA
Stephanie Black, Resources (RDU) Asia
Julian Carter, Resources (RDU) Europe
Mariana Di Giacomo, Resources (RDU) South America
Luci Cipera, Environmental Specifications & Museum Sustainability
Carolyn Leckie, Environmental Specifications & Museum Sustainability
Robert Waller, Value Change Estimation
Andrew Bentley, Fluid Collections
Bethany Palumbo, Food Service
Fran Ritchie, Food Service


Lori Benson
Suzanne B. McLaren
Armando Mendez
Cindy Opitz
Mark Renczkowski
Clare Valentine
Tim White



Bethany Palumbo, Chair

Emerging Professionals:

Kari Harris, Co-chair
Mariana di Giacomo, Co-chair
Archives Committee:
Best Practices Committee: Fran Ritchie
Conservation Committee:
Cracking the Collections Blog Editor: Katie McComas
Documentation Committee:
International Relations Committee: Mariana Di Giacomo
Long Range Planning Committee: 
Membership Committee: Kari Harris
Professional Development Committee:
Publications Committee: Katie McComas
Web Committee: 

Legislation and Regulations: 

Stephanie D. Carson, Co-chair
Dirk Neumann, Co-chair
Matt Brown
Carol Butler
Mariel Campbell
James Erdmann
Peter Giere
Chris Huddleston
Shelly James
Esther Langan
Elise Le Compte
Christopher Milensky
Bill Moser
Patricia Nutter
Diane Pitassy
Richard Rabeler
Rusty Russell
Thomas Schossleitner
Hayley Singleton
Skip Skidmore
Greg Watkins-Colwell
David Werneke
Andew Williston
Robert Wilson
Jeremiah Trimble
Breda Zimkus
Andrew Bentley, Transport of Dangerous Goods 

Long-Range Planning: 

Barbara Thiers, Co-chair (President-Elect)
Suzanne Ryder, Co-chair
Laura Abraczinskas

Bethany Palumbo
Debra Trock


Tiffany Adrain, Chair
Elena Benamy
Mireia Beas-Moix
Kari Harris
Talia Karim

Rachel Delovio
Ann Pinzl
Greg Watkins-Colwell

Professional Development:

Jeff Stephenson, Co-chair
Jennifer Strotman, Co-chair
Elena Benamy
Christina Byrd
Kari Harris

Elise LeCompte
Travis Marsico
Gil Nelson
Rusty Russell
Meghann Toner


Mariel Campbell, Chair, Editor Collection Forum
Matt Brown, Associate Editor Collection Forum
Yemisi Dare, Associate Editor Collection Forum
Mariana di Giacomo, Associate Editor Collection Forum
Janet Waddington, Associate Editor Collection Forum
Liath Appleton, Editor,  SPNHC Connection
Katie McComas, Advertising,  SPNHC Connection
Lori Schlenker, Assistant Editor, SPNHC Connection

Ann Pinzl, Book Reveiws, SPNHC Connection
Lisa Elkin, Special Publications Editor
Christopher Norris, Special Publications Editor
Technical Leaflets Editor: open

Recognition & Grants:

Andrew Bentley, Chair (Past President)
Chris Norris
Jean-Marc Gagnon
Suzanne B. McLaren


Liath Appleton, Chair
Lynn Jones, Social Media
Jessica Utrup, NHCOLL-L List Manager, Wiki Rep

Gabriela Hogue, Events Calendar
James Macklin


Sessional Committees

International Relations:

Sue Ryder, Chair
Mariana Di Giacomo, EPG Liaison
Deborah Paul
Armando Mendez

US Federal Collections:

Mathew Brown, Chair
Carol Butler
Terry Childs
Janaki Krishna
Chris Norris
Sally Shelton

Website Redesign:

Barbara Thiers, Chair
Liath Appleton
Andy Bentley
Jessica Cundiff
Linda S. Ford
James Macklin
Ruth O’Leary
Rusty Russell



The Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada (ANHMC): 
The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC): Gretchen Anderson
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH): Randy Singer
The American Society of Mammalogists (ASM): Suzanne McLaren
American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT): Richard Rabeler
Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS): John E Simmons
Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG): James Macklin
Collections Stewardship Professional Network--American Association of Museums (CS-AAM): John E Simmons
Entomological Collections Network (ECN): Dan Young
The Geological Society of America (GSA): Chris Tacker
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF): James Macklin
Heritage Emergency National Task Force (HENTF): Catherine Hawks
Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio): Deborah Paul
International Council of Museums - Natural History (ICOM-NATHIST): Gretchen Anderson
International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER): Breda Zimkus
The Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA): Roberto Portela Miguez
Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSCA ): Robert Gropp
The Paleontological Society (paleosoc): Jessica D. Cundiff
Scientific Collections International (SciColl): Barbara Thiers
Small Collections Network (SCNet): Anna Monfils
Society of Herbarium Curators (SHC): Richard Rabeler
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP): Matthew Brown