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In an effort to improve & maintain our rich 25+ year history of gathering inter-disciplinary citations of recently published literature (or perhaps overlooked literature) related or applicable to natural history collections care, the Citations Subcommittee continues to gather and present a listing of publications that are directly relevant to what is or should be done in natural history collection(s) throughout the international community.

We strongly feel that the gathered citations allow those who do not have easy library access or those whose journals, books, and other resources may be more limited, to have a source to discover relevant citations that they may not have been aware of without access to these collections of citations.

Eventually we hope that the citations become a one-stop location to assist you in finding sources in your and other disciplines. Whether they discuss the representation of scientific disciplines to the general public, new means of digitization, or new discoveries in the natural history community, these journals and publications about collections care are hopefully relevant to what you are doing in your institutions. In an effort to consolidate and advance access to this body of knowledge, we offer these PDFs of citations until we can offer a more easily searchable option. (Currently the subcommittee is working with a customized Endnote Library of previously-collected citations that we will hopefully be able to make publically available in some format in the future. For more information or to offer ideas about this, please contact the chair.)


[PDF’s will be linked as each section is completed]

March 2014 Citations (PDF) September 2014 Citations (PDF)
March 2013 Citations (PDF) September 2013 Citations (PDF)
March 2012 Citations (PDF) September 2012 Citations (PDF)
March 2011 Citations (PDF) September 2011 Citations (PDF)
March 2010 Citations (PDF) September 2010 Citations (PDF) 
March 2009 Citations (PDF) September 2009 Citations (PDF) 
March 2008 Citations (PDF) September 2008 Citations (PDF) 
March 2007 Citations (PDF) September 2007 Citations (PDF) 
March 2006 Citations (PDF) September 2006 Citations (PDF) 
March 2005 Citations (PDF) September 2005 Citations (PDF) 
March 2004 Citations (PDF) September 2004 Citations (PDF)
March 2003 Citations (PDF) September 2003 Citations (PDF) 
March 2002 Citations (PDF) September 2002 Citations (PDF) 
February 2001 Citations (PDF) September 2001 Citations (PDF) 
February 2000 Citations (PDF) August 2000 Citations (PDF)
February 1999 Citations (PDF) August 1999 Citations (PDF) 
February 1998 Citations (PDF) August 1998 Citations (PDF)
February 1997 Citations (PDF) August 1997 Citations (PDF) 
February 1996 Citations (PDF) August 1996 Citations (PDF) 
February 1995 Citations (PDF) August 1995 Citations (PDF) 
February 1994 Citations (PDF) August 1994 Citations (PDF) 
February 1993 Citations (PDF) August 1993 Citations (PDF)
February 1992 Citations (PDF) August 1992 Citations (PDF) 
February 1991 Citations (PDF) August 1991 Citations (PDF) 
February 1990 Citations (PDF) August 1990 Citations (PDF)
February 1989 Citations (PDF) August 1989 Citations (PDF) 
February 1988 Citations (PDF) August 1988 Citations (PDF) 
August 1987 Citations (PDF)


Source publications most frequently monitored for relevant citations  



We welcome additional contributions for our compilations and are especially interested in extending our coverage to be truly international in scope. You do not have to be a part of the subcommittee to submit citations. If you discover a publication as part of your research or caring for your collections that might be useful to others engaged in natural history collections care we ask that you please submit it to us (you can be credited or remain anonymous in the next released compilation—choice is yours). However, if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor or getting more involved, please contact the chair as we are accepting additional help in this endeavor.

Contact Citations Subcommittee