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Natural history collections are part of our global heritage and a priceless resource for research and education.

We encourage you to explore this site for information about SPNHC and how our members work to ensure the future of collections and contact through the methods below.

The SPNHC mailing address:
Planetarium Station
P.O. Box 526
New York, NY 10024-0526

Contact treasurer@spnhc.org if you have a parcel shipment for SPNHC

To Submit manuscripts for Collection Forum or Leaflets:

Contact editor@spnhc.org

Submit items for the Newsletter:

Contact newsletter@spnhc.org

To borrow a SPNHC display

Contact the Conservation Committee

To borrow the SPNHC membership booth:

Contact the Membership Committee

To connect with specific executive or other committee members:

Refer to Committees

To connect with the Web to provide updates or comments:

Contact webmaster@spnhc.org