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Leaflets Guidelines

Guidelines for SPNHC Leaflets

(March 14, 2017)

The SPNHC Leaflets are a series of single-topic, short papers on various technical aspects of collections care, management, preservation and conservation. A typical SPNHC Leaflets contribution describes and suggests practical means for solving a technical problem or issue. SPNHC Leaflets are designed as training and education tools for natural history museum collection professionals and students in museum studies programs.

Papers should emphasize preventive conservation techniques. Interventive techniques that require advanced training and carry some degree of risk to the specimen or to human health and safety will not be publish in this series. All SPNHC Leaflets will have a list of references or an annotated bibliography for further reading. Longer manuscripts with a theoretical or academic emphasis should be submitted to Collection Forum.

Topics include all aspects of Collection Management, Biological Collection Issues, and Geological Collection Issues.

SPNHC Leaflets Format

1. Maximum of four double-column pages or approximately 3000 words including tables, charts and illustrations. Some exceptions may be considered. Please indicate your submission is intended for the Leaflet series.

2. Submit manuscripts as Word docs with consecutive line numbering and page numbers. The manuscript file should be labeled with the author last name, an underscore and the letters MS (e.g., Johnson_MS).

3. Figures should be submitted as appropriately sized jpegs or tiffs and labeled with author last name and figure number, for example Johnson_Figure1. List Figure Captions after the References/Literature Cited at the end of the Word document. Manuscripts with figure captions on the figures themselves will be returned to the author for correction before the manuscript is sent out for review.

4. Written in active voice on a single topic or issue.

5. Papers that focus on problem-solving approaches will be given preference over descriptions of problems, literature reviews, or bibliographies.

6. Abstracts, summaries and conclusions will not be included in the final SPNHC Leaflets publication.

7. Papers should be written clearly and concisely, and answer all the questions it poses. The writing should be comprehensible to a graduate student or new collection management employee. Present the full scope of the work in the first and last paragraphs.

8. Procedures, illustrations and graphics should be simply and clearly presented. Replace text sections that can be effectively described by a concise graphic representation.

9. Authors should include a brief letter of submission to the Leaflet Editor Mari Roberts marialexandriaroberts@gmail.com

10. See http://www.spnhc.org/media/assets/NEW_Instructions_for_Authors.pdf for additional style requirements (font, language, figures, tables etc.)

Please allow two months for a response.

Send submissions to the SPNHC Technical Leaflets Editor