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Choose a membership type

SPNHC Membership is January 1st until December 31st. Please pay on time.

Memerbship Dues (electronic subscription only; additional supplement for paper subscription below)

$350 - Corporate/Commercial
$75 - Institutional/Associate (please include name of voting member)
$55 - Library/Subscription Service
$45 - Regular
$20 - Student

In addition to paying the student membership fee, student members are required to upload a copy of their valid student ID card on the next page. Failure to upload a valid student ID may invalidate your membership in SPNHC. Payments will not be refunded.

Life memberships are currently $1,125 and may be paid under one of three payment options. Please contact the SPNHC Treasurer for further information.

Paper subscription supplement (if you wish to receive a print copy of Collection Forum). This supplement is in addition to the Membership Dues listed above

Collection Forum - $25


Select Fund Type:

Founder's Fund
Reward Fund

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SPNHC Application & Renewal Form The Application & Renewal Form is available as a PDF download.